TEP INVESTMENT - Real estate in Turkey REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT IN IN ISTANBUL HEAD TEP INVESTMENT - Real estate in Turkey,People,generally,wish,to,continue,their,lives,in,safe,secure,peaceful,and,comfortable,environment,while,at,the,same,time,wish,that,their,residence,is,cost-efficient.,Immovable,property,are,things,like,flats,land,parcels,etc.,There,are,many,options,in,terms,of,investment,an,done,of,these,real-estates.,Real-estate,are,important,as,for,the,people,dwelling,in,the,country,as,well,as,the,valueing,of,the,lands,of,our,homeland.,Real-estate,is,the,state,of,the,elements,of,non-movable,property,being,recorded,under,the,ownership,of,this,or,that,individual,and,offcially,registered,in,title-deeds,It,can,be,said,that,the,real-estate,business,is,conducted,in,a,professional,manner,for,a,10-15,years,or,so,The,raising,in,the,level,o TEP INVESTMENT - Real estate in Turkey People generally wish to continue their lives in safe, secure, peaceful and comfortable environment while at the same time wish that their residence is cost-efficient. Immovable property are things like flats, land parcels etc. There are many options in terms of investment an done of these real-estates. Real-estate are important as for the people dwelling in the country as well as the valueing of the lands of our homeland. Real-estate is the state of the elements of non-movable property being recorded under the ownership of this or that individual and offcially registered in title-deeds It can be said that the real-estate business is conducted in a professional manner for a 10-15 years or so The raising in the level o