TEP INVESTMENT - Real estate in Turkey 10 REASONS TO INVEST IN TURKEY TEP INVESTMENT - Real estate in Turkey,SUCCESSFUL,ECONOMY,POPULATION,QUALIFIED,AND,COMPETITIVE,LABOR,FORCE,LIBERAL,AND,REFORMIST,INVESTMENT,CLIMATE,INFRASTRUCTURE,CENTRALLY,LOCATED,ENERGY,CORRIDOR,AND,TERMINAL,OF,EUROPE,LOW,TAXES,&,INCENTIVES,CUSTOMS,UNION,WITH,THE,EU,SINCE,1996,LARGE,DOMESTIC,MARKET,1,SUCCESSFUL,ECONOMY, Booming,economy;,more,than,tripling,its,GDP,reaching,USD,786,billion,in,2012,up,from,USD,231,billion,in,2002,(TurkStat), Stable,economic,growth,with,an,average,annual,real,GDP,growth,rate,of,5,percent,over,the,past,decade,(TurkStat), Promising,economy,with,a,bright,future,as,it TEP INVESTMENT - Real estate in Turkey SUCCESSFUL ECONOMY, POPULATION, QUALIFIED AND COMPETITIVE LABOR FORCE, LIBERAL AND REFORMIST INVESTMENT CLIMATE, INFRASTRUCTURE, CENTRALLY LOCATED, ENERGY CORRIDOR AND TERMINAL OF EUROPE, LOW TAXES & INCENTIVES, CUSTOMS UNION WITH THE EU SINCE 1996, LARGE DOMESTIC MARKET 1 SUCCESSFUL ECONOMY Booming economy; more than tripling its GDP reaching USD 786 billion in 2012 up from USD 231 billion in 2002 (TurkStat) Stable economic growth with an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5 percent over the past decade (TurkStat) Promising economy with a bright future as it